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Flatbar Redwood (multiple colors)

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We took the geometry of our Poseidon X and amped it up so you can eat up gravel with enough tire to absorb the vibrations of a rutted-rocky trail. Redwood wheels have 27.5" thru-axle/tubeless compatible rims. Allowing a 2.8" tire to clear this frame without issues. Whether you are on trails most gravel bikes would shudder at or taking in new found sights on your next bikepacking trip the Redwood is ready.

Tubeless Compatible Wheelset
Larger Tire Clearances
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Why Flatbar?

If you have never ridden a dropbar handlebar bike or never ridden one in dirt then a flatbar may be a good option for you. It's the handlebar position you have likely known how to ride with for as long as you have been riding. 

Being in a familiar riding position gives you confidence in steering and balancing. The shifting is all done with your thumb so you can maintain two fingers on the brake levers for those sudden stops. 

With the flatbar you are able to fit bags and racks onto the handlebars without worrying about interfering with the handlebars themselves. Or you can leave the bags at home and ride those trails like a rigid mountain bike.

Customer Reviews

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Jake Lambert

I ordered my first bike by mail with the Poseidon redwood. The bike came in a timely manner. The packaging box was a little damaged but no damage was done to the bike. I was able to put everything together, with novice bike mechanic skills, and about 1 hour. I have been on several rides and this bike is great. The pedals are pretty basic, they will work until you get what you want. Great bike, good price, I would recommend and purchase from Poseidon again.

Jeffrey Bethers
A gravel bike for all...

The flat bar Redwood is a sweet bike! Very different from my full suspension trail bikes I own so I'll have to get use to it. So far I've upgraded the tires with some big Maxis 27.5X2.5 tires that I setup tubeless. I will still need to buy some bikepacking bags and test it out to give my full review of how this bike performs. So far I'm really excited and eager to go out and ride this bike!

Dean Harrelson
Awesome Bike! - Great Customer Service! - Needs some work on ease of assembly

I have been on three mixed surface rides totaling about 50 miles. The Redwood Flatbar is exactly what I was looking for! Great blend of capabilities for pavement, gravel and light trails.

Customer Service was great! There were a couple of holiday related shipping issues that Luis handled promptly.

The feedback below is designed to be helpful in improving Poseidon's assembly process. I am aware that having bikes on hand, right now, to send out is a massive feat, itself.

This would be a five star review except for assembly. I am an an average home bike mechanic and was able to resolve the issues, but most people would have to go to a bike shop for resolution. The issues were:

1. Derailleur Hanger was bent - Luis sent me a new one, promptly. I found out it was bent when I tested the shifting and dropped the chain behind the cassette. I had to remove the wheel and remove the cassette to get all this sorted.

2. The headset was tensioned way too tight making it difficult to turn the bars. I pulled the top cap and stem off, restacked the spacers. Pre-tensioned the headset properly and tightened the stem. All is working, but most folks would have no idea how to do this.

3. The brakes were rubbing, and required some adjusting to keep the calipers clear of the rotors. I don't think most people would dare start loosening the bolts on their brakes to fix this.

Dustin Schmid
Second to none for the price

This bike is an unbelievable value. I have several bikes in my garage, some that cost over 8,000 dollars and I have to say this bike is pretty damn amazing for the price point. nothing about it is over complicated its just a simple do it all bike that can be rode hard or just throw a rack on the back and ride to the store to buy a six pack. Highly recommended!!

Redwoods are giants

My wife Ruth and I bought a small green and a medium shadow. We couldn’t like them more than we do. Did a lot of research. We moved from Diamondback road bikes and are having a blast.We’ve been riding almost daily for 3 weeks. Ruth added a new gel seat (I’m staying with the Poseidon seat it fits great)and we both have added Suntour suspension posts and eventually OV Crazy Bars. We highly recommend the Redwood it is a giant among bikes.