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Dropbar Redwood (multiple colors)

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We took the geometry of our Poseidon X and amped it up so you can eat up gravel with enough tire to absorb the vibrations of a rutted-rocky trail. Redwood wheels have 27.5" thru-axle/tubeless compatible rims. Allowing a 2.6" tire to clear this frame without issues (tire and rim combos vary). Whether you are on trails most gravel bikes would shudder at or taking in newfound sights on your next bikepacking trip the Redwood is ready.

Tubeless Compatible Wheelset
Larger Tire Clearances
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Why Dropbar?

The Dropbar offers a unique experience when riding on trails. You have multiple hand positions to choose from so if one position starts to get uncomfortable you can freely switch between the others. 

Dropbars allow you to tuck lower and put a bit more power down on the flatter roads. Not to mention the thrill of descending in the drops! The dropbar handlebar makes even the most simple of trails feel a bit more exciting and gives you the opportunity to choose your lines.

You'll gain a bit more bike handling knowledge and technique as it's not the typical handlebar choice you may have been accustomed to. Longer miles will feel that much better knowing you have more options to choose from to rest your hands.

Customer Reviews

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Greg Grudovich
Poseidon Redwood's Versatility and Value Are Unmatched

I have had my dropbar Redwood for almost a month now and have no regrets. So far I have ridden over 160 miles and, of the four bicycles that I own, it is by-far my favorite (and one-third the price of my road bike). I love it because it is both rugged and fast. I can alternate between road, gravel and trail without thinking twice and the gearing accommodates all of those surfaces. As far as I can tell, no other bike company offers a gravel bike that allows mountain bike-sized tires (if so desired). This is a good looking, high-quality bike and I am proud to ride it.

Derek Smith
Great bike!

I’ve only had my redwood for a couple weeks, around 100 miles on it so far, and I really love it. It’s quickly become my favorite bike out of my fleet. Build quality is really good, especially considering the price point. The only gripe I had was that the welds on the fork look a little sloppy, but again, it’s sub 1k gravel blaster- who cares! I would pay attention to your actual measurements when picking the right frame size. I’m 6’1, but have a pretty long inseam. I went with the XL and it fits great! Final assembly was simple, and only minor adjustments to the derailleur were needed after a few rides, which is expected. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase, and would recommend this to anyone. Thanks guys!

Sweet bike, hate to throw away stock tires

I've ridden over 100 miles (mostly on dirt) and am a big fan of this bike. 4 stars just because this doesn't come with tubeless. I'd be happy to pay a bit more upfront for a tubeless option.

Things I swapped:
-Chain ring. I dropped from 38T to 32T for bikepacking
-Tires. I never rode it with tubes. Went with 2.6in MTB tires.

Things I need to swap:
-Saddle. It's pretty tough if you ride chunky terrain or long rides

This thing is a monster. Amazing value for the price point. I've ridden this on everything from single track to a variety of dirt roads to pavement - all good.

This is a great adventure bike. I plan on racing and using it for bikepacking. Would recommend!

Cory Souders
Poseidon redwood dropbar

Most of my rides in Estes are a mix of road, gravel and singletrack so the redwood slays. Super fun bike to ride. Y'all should add more build options. I probably would have gone with a lighter wheelset, SRAM drivetrain and hydraulic brakes. I'll send up upgrading on my own but overall the "gravel plus" category is dope. Good stuff with the redwood

Very happy customer!

With the current state of lack of bicycles in stock anywhere, I was pleasantly surprised when Poseidon had the bike I wanted in my colour of choice. Being in Ontario, Canada was not a problem for shipping, I had a third party pick it up in New York State, and bring it here. 10 days from ordering to my door. The box arrived in perfect shape, the graphics on the box I’m sure helped. The bike was in perfect condition, not a scratch anywhere. Assembly was straight forward for a bike in a box. Front wheel, handle bar, pedals, and seat with post. My first ride consisted of small, around the block rides to get the seat height, seat angle, and handle bar reach set. Brakes require a break-in, so gentle use right now, and shifting was perfect out of the box. Sizing is always subjective, and I debated between a small and extra small, the XS seems perfect. Glad I changed my mind. I’ve ridden it several other times since the shake down, gravel is next week. I’m looking forward more adventures. Glad I chose Poseidon!