Who We Are


Have you ever wanted to get away for a short time? Clear your head for some peaceful moments as you explore the town you have lived in with a completely new perspective. Poseidon Bike takes its name from the God of the sea, a place where you can find serenity, stillness, and at a moment’s notice discover the strength the sea has. 

Discovery doesn't need to be unattainable and Exploration should be something right out your door. We produce our bicycles in a factory we own and operate to ensure you have an affordable price. We're Breaking the Barrier to Discovery and Adventure so you can experience what so many others have done before us. You deserve a company willing to be part of your journey, and you deserve a bike capable of growing with you on that journey.

What Makes us Different?

We are a consumer direct business which means we don't go through any extra distribution channels. Our bikes are manufactured in a factory that we own and operate which allows us to ensure quality while giving you an affordable price. Our legacy of in-house manufacturing gives us the power and experience to source, design and build the highest-value bikes and components on the market.

Our Warranty

We bring together industry-leading talent and globally sourced materials to create a bike that combines clean, classic design with superior engineering exceeding the highest standards of stress and safety testing. Because we manufacture and test our own bikes on industry-leading machinery, we are uniquely positioned to take responsibility for every aspect of production end-to-end, with a lifetime warranty on our frames.

We want you to know that we will stand behind our craftsmanship and quality.

Therefore, all Poseidon bike frames are guaranteed against manufacturing defect for as long as the original purchaser owns the bicycle. Please Note: the fork is not part of the frame.

Components will carry a 1 year limited warranty. This limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear parts, defined as grips, tubes, tires, cables, and brake pads.  

It is strongly recommended that if you are unfamiliar with bicycle assembly that you have a professional bicycle mechanic put your bicycle together. Your warranty covers MANUFACTURER'S DEFECT. This does not cover stripped bolts, stripped, threading, stripped nuts, or any other parts failure due to an improper installation. if you use our how-to video for assembly please take your time, hand thread each bolt before torqueing it down to ensure that it is correctly threaded. if you run into a problem contact us first before troubleshooting. Thank you!

All warranty claims must be submitted to Luis@poseidonbike.com please provide photos if possible of the issue you are experiencing so we can better assist you. It is absolutely important we go through the correct steps to ensure that we do everything we can to help you out with your warranty claim. Email us to begin the process and we'll get you taken care of, thank you.