Sizing Assistance

Sizing can be a little tricky so we ask you to consider a few things.
1) Measure your inseam using the hardcore book method located on this page just below this write-up. This method will let you know what your limit is for the "standover" measurements we have listed on our size charts. If you are within 0.5-0.75" on the standover measurements then you can size up to that size.
The reason why is that you can tilt the bike slightly when getting on and off the bike. On that sizing assistance page, you'll find a video that talks about the myths of needing more clearance for standover. It's more about how you feel when riding the bike rather than when you get on and off the bike. Remember, when we are at a stop we typically slouch a little bit to one hip so the bike is leaning over anyway. If you are about to fall the bike is also falling as well so you will be able to put a foot down as the bike tilts.
2) Consider what you are looking for in terms of riding position. Is comfort and sitting upright the most important factor for you? If you can size up then go with the larger size to sit you up higher. This brings the saddle and handlebars more level with each other rather than going with the smaller size and having the saddle higher than the handlebars and leaning you more in a downward position.
It will be easier to make a larger frame feel smaller rather than a smaller frame fit larger. Your reach can always be adjusted later with an aftermarket stem and this is common because we are all unique with our arm and torso lengths in mind.
Example: I am 5'10 and my inseam with shoes on using the hardcore book method came out to 31.75" I can go for the size medium easily but I want a more upright fit because I want to be comfortable. The standover height on the X Ambition in a Large is 32"
Because I am within that 0.5-0.75" measurement then I can ride the large understanding that I may need to tilt it ever so slightly when I get on and off otherwise I will feel the top tube directly underneath me when straddling the frame perfectly upright.
Example 2: If you are someone who is 5'10 but has longer legs than their torso like a 34" inseam to the floor. I would consider splitting the difference between the Large to XXL and getting the XL. You have the leg length to clear the XXL but the frame is so much longer that reach can only be adjusted so much. Choosing the option in the middle will allow you to still have a comfortable riding position without the reach getting out of hand.
If you want to know more please leave us a phone number to call you and a good time to call so we can dive into sizing a bit further.

How to measure inner thigh to floor measurement? 

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    Are you in between sizes or did the quiz give you a strange result?

    The best thing to do is give us a call or send us a message so we can size you correctly. You may have longer legs than torso or vice versa. We'd love to better explain things and make sure you get the best fit possible. Additionally, here are some resources below that we recommend for sizing assistance.