Sizing Assistance

We know buying a bike online can seem a little difficult when it comes to picking the right size. There are a few details that we like to look into when helping you decide.

  • What is your inner thigh to floor measurement? 
    This detail is more important than your height. Why? Because if you cannot safely stand over the bike then you cannot size up. You can always adjust the reach so if you end up on a bike that you feel cramped on then you likely need a longer stem to open up the body more. This is common for any bike you purchase as we are all different. Your measurement needs to clear the minimum listed "frame to floor measurement" on our size chart. This is essentially the stand over measurement.

Watch this video to get the correct measurement.
Example: Dropbar X size large has a 31.63" frame to floor measurement so I need to have an inseam to the floor longer than 31.63" to safely stand over that model otherwise I need to size down.

     *this video is brought to you by Bicycles East

    If you have a bike you like and want to see what our models look like side by side with another, then head over to 

    There you can type in bikes and get an idea on what the geometries of the frame look like right next to each other. All of our Poseidon Bike models are there!