Sizing Assistance

We know buying a bike online can seem a little difficult when it comes to picking the right size. There are a few details that we like to look into when helping you decide.

  • How tall are you?
    • Your height is the foundation for selecting the frame but if you are on the tall side of a size you may find your position on the bike to be on the aggressive side. If you are on the shorter side of a size the saddle is much lower so you are looking at a more upright seated position.
  • What is your inner thigh to floor measurement? 
    • This detail helps you know if you have the option to size up. Some people have longer legs or longer torsos or are proportional. This measurement lets you know if you'll have a safe stand over the bike. If you are on a frame that you can't safely stand over then you may have issues getting on and off the bike as the top tube may ride up your inner thighs. Shorter legs longer torso you may not want to size up if you can't safely stand over the top tube. Longer legs but shorter torso you may not want to size down as you could find yourself with an aggressive riding position. For dialing in your reach you can always swap out the stem to either stretch you out a bit further if you are cramped or bring that position in a bit if you are stretched forward.
  • What type of riding position are you looking to have? (More upright or a little more aggressive?)
    • This is where you think about your flexibility, any back or hip issues, etc. A more upright position allows you to relax and feel comfortable for longer miles. A more aggressive position allows you to get a little lower and put the power down on a ride. This position can still be good for comfortable miles but having the flexbility to sustain that position matters.


If you have a bike you like and want to see what our models look like side by side with another, then head over to 

There you can type in bikes and get an idea on what the geometries of the frame look like right next to each other. All of our Poseidon Bike models are there!


Sizing Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to assist you and help you compare bikes. It's ultimately up to you what size you want to go with but we hope this can help you get a clearer picture on what could work.