Mammoth Gran Fondo Recap

Mammoth Gran Fondo Recap

The Poseidon crew had the opportunity to take part in the 2017 Mammoth Gran Fondo in Mammoth Lakes, CA. We had a BLAST being out in Mammoth together for the first time. The weather was a nice preview of the fall and winter which I personally LOVED! (pumpkin spice latte what?)

We left around 5am on Friday morning and set out on the 6 hour drive to our mountain playground. When we got there we were all eager to explore and checkout what had changed over the years. I played tour guide showing the guys what was around and sharing stories along the way.

Our first night was a great one consisting of "carbo-loading" and watching Con-Air (great movie). The boys had an early roll-out time as they set out for their 42 mile ride with temperatures matching the mileage at 40-42 degrees.
While they were out riding, the rest of us setup shop at the expo area. There were some awesome vendors their including Oakley, Sierra Nevada, and Tour De Palm Springs.

By the time we were done setting up our boys were already back! Finishing 1st, 2nd, and 7th out of 200 riders. Not bad for not knowing the area or being acclimated to the elevation.
From left to right here's our team riders Emmanuel Garcia, Leslie Makepeace, and Pablo Barragan at the finish line.

After lunch, riders started to come in and were stoked to check out our Triton and Atlas bikes.

The atmosphere was vibrant with sweet sounds coming from the stage. The tables were full and the energy levels were high again after a delicious meal provided from the event organizers.

Beer flowing courtesy of Sierra Nevada!

I cannot begin to describe the beautiful views that Mammoth has to offer so here's some photos that give you a small taste of it all. This ride is worth attending just for the views alone!

Everyone needs to take a trip out for a weekend and go somewhere different. Just a group of friends, bikes, and a change of scenery. It will bring you closer together with those people and the new roads just rejuvenate you when you get back. Until the next big trip, see you later!

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