Donuts and Zombies- The Handlebar Diaries #2

Donuts and Zombies- The Handlebar Diaries #2

You may not think Donuts and Zombies sounds like a great combination but you have never been to Zombee Donuts in Fullerton, CA. 

Zombee Donuts & Bakeshop was founded in 2014 located just down the street from Fullerton College. They offer some of the most creative delicious treats in the area for both vegan and non-vegan guests.

With Donuts like these you don't have to do much convincing in our office to take a ride over there. So we set out with a few friends and made our way on a quest for epic donuts!

Our Friend Justin took out the Poseidon Triton and was very pleased with how it rode.

Being a fanboy wearing my Zombee Donuts shirt to the actual shop. You can probably guess who's idea it was to go.

After a mellow ride to Fullerton from La Habra we were worked enough that we were ready to indulge in all that they had to offer that day. The best part about Zombee for a cyclist is that they offer an outdoor patio and plenty of room to park your bike safely.

As soon as you walk in you'll find the decor setup with a mural of zombies making their way to the shop satisfy their  need for treats (looks a lot like me on a Monday morning). 

 We grabbed our donuts and pretty much inhaled them which is why you won't get to see a photo of what we ate but I can tell you right now, IT WAS SO GOOD.

I feel like riding to a get a dessert is way more fulfilling because you technically burned some calories to get over there and when you finally get to enjoy those treats your senses are on overload. If you're in the area or if you don't mind a short drive get on over to Zombee Donuts. Take a bike, take a car, take your vegan friend, you won't be disappointed. 

Action shots taken by Julio Bustamante


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