International and Out of Country Orders

Not a US Customer? Outside of the 48 states?

We are excited about the possibility of our bikes going everywhere but we are still a small company so we lack the distribution to be everywhere we'd like. For shipping outside of the US 48 states we have 2 options available.

1- You can ship using to get your order out to you. You would pay for the shipping through their site and send us the label. Make sure you select UPS Pickup.


2- You can use a third party forwarding company that you arrange with that company and simply process the order with the US shipping address we are sending it to. ***For this option please be aware we are not liable for any delivery issues with the forwarder. Our position is to fulfill the order and send it to the intended address.***

For a unique quote to your address please visit our BikeFlights Shipping Page. If there are any issues pulling up a quote please contact BikeFlights and they will help you directly.

For the shipper's name you can use Poseidon Bike as the name. Our address should be automatically inputted in the system.

You will need our box dimensions in order to get a correct quote so take a look at our different models and select the correct dimensions for your inquiry.

 The X and the Redwood- 44 x 13 x30 (inches). Weight X: 32lbs and Redwood:35lbs.

The Triton- 51x8x32 Inches and 32lbs packed.

Frameset (X, Redwood, FX Tracklocross)- 39x7x22 Inches and 10.5lbs packed.

 If you have already purchased your shipping from bikeflights and you are ready to proceed to the next step:

  • Add your item to cart.
  • Select the Bike Flights shipping option.
  • In the order notes make sure you indicated it is a bikeflights order.
  • Email us the shipping label once you receive it from bikeflights.