36 Miles For Some Burritos- The Handlebar Diaries #1

36 Miles For Some Burritos- The Handlebar Diaries #1

Bike To Work Day 2017

For those that don't know, bike to work day is the 3rd Friday in May every year. The first Bike To Work Day actually took place back in 1956 in an effort to get people to try commuting to work by bicycle for a change.

Of course being a cyclist myself it was the perfect opportunity to take my Triton on a spin to work. Just a day like any other with great tunes, sunny skies,  the wind blowing through my helmet, couldn't ask for a better day.

Burritos? Santa Ana? Let's do this!

The good vibes kept going once I got to work because Jon wanted to get a ride in all the way to 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana. Our office is located in La Habra, CA so we were looking at a 36 mile round trip. Seems like a lot for a burrito but have you seen there food?!?!

If not let me introduce you to:

wait for it.....

Now we're talking!

Jon and I grabbed our bikes, planned our route taking us through the Santa Ana River Trail including some time through the streets (which I love).

Riding the river trail can be the most grueling training ground or the most relaxing environment with friends. Whatever you need it to be that day, it will be. The sun kept us warm with the cooling breeze coming from the beach keeping us refreshed and motivated.

Before we knew it we were off the river trail and riding through the neighborhoods of Santa Ana. Conditions were perfect honestly, roads were empty and spirits were high with the thoughts of mouth watering burritos just a few miles away.

 We arrived and the inside was loaded with tons of food patrons ready to grub on the latest offerings from 4th Street Market. Let me tell you now, if you are in to food and delicious treats then you need to go there ASAP. The outside eating area is a reflection of the lively street art that canvases many of the walls of Downtown Santa Ana. So much life and color, complete with board games galore and a ping-pong table in case you're trying to get down like Forrest Gump.

Color coordination with my Ellum Bag Works "Hitchhiker" handlebar bag and the SAALE RXSEL saddle from Union Sport.

Nothing but the essentials... I've never downed a Mexican Coke so fast in my life.

Stomachs full it was time for the hard part, the ride back.......

Don't worry we had a tailwind so it wasn't that bad. That's probably the farthest I've ever ridden for some burritos but I seriously enjoyed it. Way more gratifying knowing that you earned the burrito with some solid miles put in. Can't go wrong when the weather is right, the bike is under you, and the journey is in front of you. Til next time guys, peace!

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