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Sideburn 6 Bottle Cage

Sideburn 6 Bottle Cage

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Luis's favorite bottle cage!!!

Behind The Design

Side cages are ideal for small frames and tight spaces. However, many of the lower priced cages are designed by general nylon composite companies who often neglect doing adequate testing. Some cages on the market, even require unnatural positions of the hand to extract and insert the bottle, while others unknowingly offer a minimal retaining force so bottles easily launch. We took an entirely new approach by tripling the minimum retaining force to 6 lbs (2.7 Kgs). From years of testing, this is the lowest acceptable retaining force when riding on easy terrain ensuring your bottle stays put.

1. Hook projects 7 mm into bottle groove for excellent bottle retention
2. Cut away 50 mm (2”) for fastest access
3. 50 mm (2”) wide bottom shelf can handle heavy bottles
4. Rugged glass filled nylon composite construction.

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Customer Reviews

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Dave Gessert
Good cage

I like how these cages are designed so a bottle can slide in easily at an angle. Also they’re pretty tight fitting and I haven’t had any issues with bottles bouncing or sliding out during bumpy rides.