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Dropbar X (multiple colors)

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The X is equipped to meet the challenge and grow with you. We wanted simplicity but reliability which is why you have a 38t narrow wide chainring matched with the Advent X 11-48t 10-speed cassette. This gives you the advantage when taking on hills so you feel confident and ready for more. The X is equipped with a full carbon fork which saves weight and offers vibration dampening. The barrier to discovery and adventure has been lowered so that you can see places you never thought you would before. Whether it is the dirt, the gravel, or the road, The Poseidon X is ready for the adventure.

Full Carbon Fork
Lighter in Weight
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Why Dropbar?

The Dropbar offers a unique experience when riding on trails. You have multiple hand positions to choose from so if one position starts to get uncomfortable you can freely switch between the others.

 Dropbars allow you to tuck lower and put a bit more power down on the flatter roads. Not to mention the thrill of descending in the drops! The dropbar handlebar makes even the most simple of trails feel a bit more exciting and gives you the opportunity to choose your lines.

 You'll gain a bit more bike handling knowledge and technique as it's not the typical handlebar choice you may have been accustomed to. Longer miles will feel that much better knowing you have more options to choose from to rest your hands.

Customer Reviews

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Charles Chase
Great intro to a drop bar and a gravel bike!

Right away I found this to be super fast and geared for a climb or a strait away and plenty in between! I love my Drop x and plan on taking it on my next bike pack or tour!


I have put the bicycle together and I’m taking it to tune up the weather has been unkind but so far everything is as advertised

Walton Morales
Best gravel bike for the money.

I took my bike for 3 gravel/road rides, the first one was 11 miles, second one 15 miles and third one 12 miles all of them with no issues. I did upgrade the saddle after my first ride, my behind was hurting. Great bicycle for the money. Highly recommend it!

Brian Pedersen
Poseidon X good but better with a few upgrades!

Easy to order online and arrived in a timely manner. Packaged pretty good but did have slight damage with one bent spoke. Spoke was straightened by hand and wheel was adjusted and now rolls straight. Bike was very easy to assemble and required no gear adjustments but disc brakes did need some alignment. In working on the setup I replaced the seat for my own comfort and also the drop bars as the factory bars are a little wider for what I am mainly using the bike for which is flat countryside roads and trails. Overall I really like the way the bike performs and would highly recommend this bike.

Toby Jones
Dropbar X

Purchased for great reviews and value for my son who is excited to ride it in NY. Customer support was very helpful to him as he had to address an out of true wheel from shipping. He loves the blue color and is waiting for better weather to ride.