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Dropbar X (multiple colors)

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The X is equipped to meet the challenge and grow with you. We wanted simplicity but reliability which is why you have a 38t narrow-wide chainring matched with the Advent X 11-48t 10-speed cassette. This gives you the advantage when taking on hills so you feel confident and ready for more. The X is equipped with a full carbon fork which saves weight and offers vibration dampening. The barrier to discovery and adventure has been lowered so that you can see places you never thought you would before. Whether it is the dirt, the gravel, or the road, The Poseidon X is ready for the adventure.

Full Carbon Fork
Lighter in Weight
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Why Dropbar?

The Dropbar offers a unique experience when riding on trails. You have multiple hand positions to choose from so if one position starts to get uncomfortable you can freely switch between the others.

 Dropbars allow you to tuck lower and put a bit more power down on the flatter roads. Not to mention the thrill of descending in the drops! The dropbar handlebar makes even the most simple of trails feel a bit more exciting and gives you the opportunity to choose your lines.

 You'll gain a bit more bike handling knowledge and technique as it's not the typical handlebar choice you may have been accustomed to. Longer miles will feel that much better knowing you have more options to choose from to rest your hands.

Customer Reviews

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Grant Putala
Can't be beat... for the price.

I am 6'2" with 35" inseam and went with the XL. The stem was a little long for me, but that could be due to lack of core strength. I went with a shorter (70mm 35 degree) stem and will keep the stock one for when I am in better shape.

Bike has a great frame, fork, bars and drivetrain. No complaints there!

The gearing is perfect for me, but I only average around 15mph on the flats. If you are in good shape and find youself not needing the second 2 largest cogs, a 42 tooth chainring would be a good upgrade, and if you are in good shape and mainly ride on the road then go 44 tooth. I know for a fact the L and XL frames will clear a 44 tooth round chainring. I can recommend the deckas 104bcd chainrings for a budget option.

The stock tires are a great design, but wear fast. I only have about 200 miles on them and they probably wont make 1000. This is fine as most will benefit from wider tires.

The only negative is the brakes. Even after adjustment the front brake lacks stopping force and the rear can only barely lock. I have, but haven't installed compressionless brake housings (jagwire road pro), but I hear this resolves the issue.

I swapped the seat and pedals and only need to improve the braking system for a perfect bike. I highly recommend this bike, so do not hesitate to purchase!

What’s that smell???

First, the Dropbar X is a great bike and my purchase/assembly experience was great. Thanks, Poseidon. While I was assembling one the bikes I had ordered, my wife entered the garage and I asked her why she had applied such a strong smelling lotion (she doesn't wear perfume). She replied by stating that she had not recently applied any fragrant substances. Nevertheless, I kept smelling a pungent female perfume or lotion. After sniffing around the bike I figured out that it was coming from one side of the dropbar. While I cannot say for sure, it seems like someone in the manufacturing/assembly process has grabbed the dropbar after applying a strong-smelling skin lotion. I have wiped down the handlebar, but I still smell the fragrance every time I am near the bike. Weird stuff.

Bart Miller
Great Arizona Trail Bike

Comfortable on the road and solid enough to take on the Arizona canals and trails. Great value for the cost. Highly recommend for the intermediate biker looking for versatility.


Dropbar X (multiple colors)

Tony Erwin
Chain derailment

First couple of weeks was great but now every time I stop pedaling the chain falls off