Light-weight 19 Multi-Tool by Dawn To Dusk

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Behind The Design

You need to carry a multi tool but how many individual tools do you really need to have piece-of-mind? Should it be 10, 15, 20 or 25 individual tools? We studied the most used tools in blogs, product reviews and on social media. We looked in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and found that there are 19 tools that are essential. The problem that we saw was that tools with 19 or 20 tools weighed up to 200 grams!. The other problem we found was that when you use most other tools that the tool folds up on you as the pivot screws are not torque set. So now you can have 19 tools in a small package that will not fold up on you and only weighs 116 grams. The other problem we solved was that multi tools tend to get snagged in your tool roll or bag so we include a snug fitting neoprene sleeve that means no more hangups!

1. Includes 19 essential tools for repairs on the road
2. All tools are nickel plated to prevent corrosion and laser engraved for easy identification
3. Compact and lightweight design to save space