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Dropbar X (multiple colors)

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The X is equipped to meet the challenge and grow with you. We wanted simplicity but reliability which is why you have a 38t narrow wide chainring matched with the Advent X 11-48t 10-speed cassette. This gives you the advantage when taking on hills so you feel confident and ready for more. The X is equipped with a full carbon fork which saves weight and offers vibration dampening. The barrier to discovery and adventure has been lowered so that you can see places you never thought you would before. Whether it is the dirt, the gravel, or the road, The Poseidon X is ready for the adventure.
Full Carbon Fork
Lighter in Weight
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Why Dropbar?

The Dropbar offers a unique experience when riding on trails. You have multiple hand positions to choose from so if one position starts to get uncomfortable you can freely switch between the others.

 Dropbars allow you to tuck lower and put a bit more power down on the flatter roads. Not to mention the thrill of descending in the drops! The dropbar handlebar makes even the most simple of trails feel a bit more exciting and gives you the opportunity to choose your lines.

 You'll gain a bit more bike handling knowledge and technique as it's not the typical handlebar choice you may have been accustomed to. Longer miles will feel that much better knowing you have more options to choose from to rest your hands.

Customer Reviews

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Young Kim
Fantastic bike but delivery/purchase experience need improvements

Ordered the Poseidon X Dropbar on 9/30 and didn't hear anything back from the site until I reached out to them on 10/5. Bike got shipped on the 5th and I finally got it on 10/10 in Seattle area which seem like forever.

When I first got the bike, I panicked a little bit after finding out that the front rotor did not come installed. I did not know about this because the Poseidon X assembly video from the official YouTube did not show this part. I learned that the footage of installing the rotor was actually on the Poseidon official website and not on the YouTube official channel. I wish the need for installing the front rotor plus the required Torx size to be listed on the website when you purchase/inspect the bike so the consumer is aware of such requirements.

Other than the ones listed above, the bike itself is fantastic. Been riding since it arrived and loving it. One small wish would be the top tube having an odd arch gets in the way of standing over height so there's little clearance from the leg for me.

todd rhodes
Dropbar x

While I understand this is a budget friendly bike, and I am thankful I could secure one in these times, the bike showed up with a wheel which was out of true pretty badly. The front rotor was also bent to the point where it could barely be straightened. I have videos that I took of the defects, and plan on sending them to Poseidon.

Good value but needs work out of the box

I haven't gotten to ride this bike extensively. Both wheels need trued, plus the brake cables were slack so I had to pull them back beyond the handlebar to get them to fully engage. I did take it for a quick spin but nothing too hardcore with the brake and wheel issues, and it did ride like a dream. The microshift is very crisp and seems to punch well above its weight. My main bike is Ultegra, and while there is a difference, definitely not one that would justify the price gap. Overall, great bike that I look forward to getting safe enough to ride on gravel and in CX races.

Jackson Chumbler
Extreme Value in Today's Market

I'm the type of person who researches purchases for days before pulling the trigger. I was thrilled to find a bike with these specifications, because I always wanted a 'gravel' bike. The flared drop bar is extremely comfortable, and the 1x10 drivetrain has proven to be bulletproof for my use case: commuting to class and occasional bike trails. I only have two gripes with the bike, and these are not complaints about the specs, just two upgrades that I deem necessary for anyone purchasing this bike. 1) After adjusting the seat several times, I've concluded that it does not suit me. Maybe those with small hips will enjoy it more. 2) The mechical disc brakes are not the best feeling. Granted, they stop you, but I expect a little more from them. I read that you can try to swap the brake cables for a better quality version, those that do not stretch under tension. I will be trying this next. Also, my bike shop informed me that these cables came a bit too long from the factory. Luckily, none of these complaints are all that costly to remedy, and I am plenty satisfied with out of the box performance. I got it together in my apartment, and took a short ride to my free college bike shop. After they trued the rotors a little, things have been great. All in all, I am super stoked about this package. I am very glad I didn't go for a mega corporation bike!

Tony Xie
Good bike to ride

Good bike and like the blue color. The only thing is that the Derailleur hanger was bent during the shipping. Maybe that is something to look into even though such accidents are not going to be prevented 100%. Thanks.