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Flatbar X Ambition

Flatbar X Ambition

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Color: Matte Black
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Ambition helps motivate us. It helps us strive for more and reach new goals.

The X Ambition is built for more. More miles, more adventures, more smiles! You may know the Poseidon X and the X Ambition is the more improved version. We focused on improved comfort with a more upright riding position and a new saddle design. We increased braking power by adding the same brakes as the Redwood and completed the build with 700 x 40 Kenda Happy Medium tires for good speed on the road and grip on gravel.

Difference between the standard X and the X Ambition: We get this question every so often so we figured we'd explain a little further. The X Ambition offers a more upright seated position which is more comfortable and upright (see image below). The X Ambition offers stronger brakes like our Redwood model. We offer a newer comfort forward saddle which may work better for more riders across the board. The X Ambition also comes with 700 x 40 tires which gives the ride a little more of a plush ride feel but the tread pattern allows this bike to accel on dirt and pavement.

Watch a video comparison from the Bike Sauce here.

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Road to Trail

The light frame and full carbon fork offer a quicker more nimble ride feel great for someone who is after a bit more speed. This is for the person looking for a bike that is equally as capable on the road as it is on the trail. Use it for commuting, road riding, gravel riding, or the casual ride with the family.

Benefits of a flatbar: The great part about flatbars is that it is the most universal feel to folks riding. We have all ridden flatbars at some point which adds a boost of confidence to someone who is not as experienced as they'd like to be on dirt. It provides a wide grip keeping you stable and riding with confidence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Love this bike

For being my first bike, i love it. Very versatile on both gravel and road. Very smooth on the gears, disk brakes handle well on the down hills and Very good control on the turns. I am not a expert bike rider but I am getting better at it. I completed my first triatholon and I was very happy with how well my bike performed. I Would recommend it to any new rider out there looking for a well built affordable bike. I ride my bike 3 to 4 time a week around 20 mile each time and this bike can take a beaten.
I would like to upgrade my bike with the drop down bars as a better option for my next triatholon.

Worth it - 100 mile review

First impressions are good. I wanted something more gravel focused so I added moloko bars and a stud buster seatpost. I'll start with the pros:
geometry is comfortable.
shifting/braking adequate
mounting options excellent*
Tires great for gravel
price is A+. Seriously, if you're looking to get into gravel and going for a used bike isn't really a good option, this bike is cost-efficient and highly upgradable

-38 teeth for the front chainring feels too small. I will probably increase it at some point since I am spending most of my time in the 3 highest gears. I'm not a powerful biker either.
-rear rack mounting is difficult. If you plan on touring/bikepacking you might have to be particular about the rack you use since it seems like the eyelets near the dropout are below the curve of the frame. This wouldn't be a problem if I was using a seatpost only rack but I can't.
-tire size limited. the rear tire appears limited to about 42 or so. It would be nice to have it a bit wider in the back especially since the front has so much extra room.
-thru axle would be nice if standard but that would be quite an ask at this price point.

Overall I recommend this bike! Versatile, but seems to be designed for long-haul gravel.