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FLATBAR X (multiple colors)

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The X is equipped to meet the challenge and grow with you. We wanted simplicity but reliability which is why you have a 38t narrow wide chainring matched with the Advent X 11-48t 10-speed cassette. This gives you the advantage when taking on hills so you feel confident and ready for more. The X is equipped with a full carbon fork which saves weight and offers vibration dampening. The Flatbar X gives you a more upright position but it still retains some of it's sporty responsiveness that you crave for the roads less traveled. The barrier to discovery and adventure has been lowered so that you can see places you never thought you would before. Whether it is the dirt, the gravel, or the road, The Poseidon X is ready for the adventure.

Full Carbon Fork
Lighter in Weight
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Why Flatbar?

If you have never ridden a dropbar handlebar bike or never ridden one in dirt then a flatbar may be a good option for you. It's the handlebar position you have likely known how to ride with for as long as you have been riding. 

Being in a familiar riding position gives you confidence in steering and balancing. The shifting is all done with your thumb so you can maintain two fingers on the brake levers for those sudden stops. 

With the flatbar you are able to fit bags and racks onto the handlebars without worrying about interfering with the handlebars themselves. Or you can leave the bags at home and ride those trails like a rigid mountain bike.

Customer Reviews

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A lot of bang for the bucks

Bike came quickly. Easy to assemble. Priced right. Nice ride. Very satisfied.

Great bike

This is a quality entry level gravel bike. A bike which punches well above its price point.

Mike Murray
I like my bike.

Between the rains, after bedding in the brakes and making minor adjustments, I've been riding my Poseidon X with a Jone's H-Bar and a different saddle (no two asses are the same) and I really like the ride. The bike is quick aluminum responsive at the handlebar, accelerates well and is the right size. This is my first gravel sort of bike, first with disk brakes and first with simple mullet setup.
In my sixty years of nearly continuous riding, this is one of the nicer bikes I've owned.

Great customer service

Bike arrived with a broken spoke. I e-mailed Poseidon, they replied within 2 hours to take to my local bike shop and send them receipt via e-mail. They had reimbursed me within 24 hours of initial contact. The bike is great, I have been riding a mountain bike on the road for years, this bike is so much lighter. I am still moving the seat around looking for that ideal height, but otherwise a great ride.


The X is great so far. It was packaged well and super easy to assemble out of the box. The value is unbeatable and it’ll be easy to upgrade components overtime.